“The Gift of Grace and Mercy”

Blessed to have been asked to share about Grace on Marie Gregg’s blog today.
Would love for you to take a look.
“The Gift and Fruit of Grace and Mercy”



“Where Community Happens”

This post by really resonated with me. While I would love to have an outdoor beautifully set up dinner with my friends…it just isn’t the only way to be real with one another. Hopefully this post will encourage you as well.
Real life, real community, real ministry looks very different most of the time than a social media ad.
“What Community Looks Like”tim-marshall-114623-unsplash




A Five Minute Friday Freewrite exercise.
One word, five minutes.

It seems easier some times than others to adapt. I don’t like change, big or small. So being willing to change is difficult. When a large (to me) plan ceases, adapting to that loss is not easy. I still grieve that loss. Still wonder what will happen in the future.
But I am l

earning, in the pause, in the margin that has now been created. Learning to adapt and move on. Looking at others it seems I am the only one who is effected. But maybe I’m looking from the outside. I’m not in others shoes.
Yet, in this margin I think in some aspects I’ve adapted well. I don’t yet see what all God will do. But, I do see what God has opened up when other doors closed. There are things that may have been more difficult if I had stuck in the rut of the ‘why’.
While there is still disappointment, I see the God -things in that new margin.

Further proof that He does work all things out for good.

“Step Out of the Boat”

“Step Out of the Boat”

Blessed once again to be stepping out of my comfort zone and writing for Breathe Writers Conference.
Praying it’s an encouragement to all.

“Matthew 14:22-33 tells the tale of an encounter Peter had with Jesus.  First though, he had to be in a situation that he was unsure of.  I’ve been there many times. I’m sure you have as well. The disciples are on a boat in the middle of the Galilean sea when a storm happens.

Your Galilean storm, your fishing boat may look different but it’s still a call to step out of your comfort zone…

Read more here –“Step Out”

“When Plans Turn”

Turn-   a Five Minute Friday Prompt
Set a timer for five minutes and write. No editing, no proofing. Just write.

Ready, begin.

brendan-church-182747-unsplashWhat do you do when your plans change? When plans turn out different than you had originally thought?  Usually I fret; and it takes a while for me to see the God-thing in it.  I don’t like change.  But sometimes I do re-evaluate and then I start to see that a turn of events is okay, and completely a God –thing.  Turning to God and seeing what He wants and asking Him for clarity on a path is necessary.
His word says all things work together for good. So that means when there is change in your life, especially when you didn’t ask for it or see it coming, God still has you in His mind. He will redeem the time. He will lead you on a new path.  And that is always a good and God-thing.